Technology and Software Development

A guy in Nebraska maintaining Open Source software

Specializing in solving difficult problems with real-time, high performance and distributed systems.
Highly experienced in Agile methodology, test-driven development, refactoring and complex debugging tasks.

Memberships and Associations

  • Member of ASF - Apache Software Foundation (Shiro PMC)

  • Jakarta EE Contributor

  • Member of Eclipse Foundation (Jakarta EE)

Open Source Contributions

  • Flow Logix Jakarta EE Components

  • Payara

  • Hazelcast Hero

  • Apache Shiro Security management committee member

  • Jakarta EE Platform

  • Apache Maven

  • PrimeFaces

  • OpenSSL

  • Arquillian

  • Arquillian Suite Extension

  • Jakarta EL (Expression Language)

  • Jakarta Mojarra JSF

  • Jakarta Tyrus (WebSocket)

  • Jenkins CI

  • Eclipse Jetty

  • Eclipse MicroProfile

  • OmniFaces

  • Oshi

  • Eclipse Weld Project (CDI)

  • Eclipse Jersey

  • Underscore.js

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