With over twenty years experience as a pilot, I strive to have a safe, varied, and challenging learning experience for every one of my logged hours. No single hour needs to be the same as any other. My priority is to enhance safety, on-time performance and customer satisfaction.


3000 Summit Blvd,
Lincoln, NE 68502

Phone (917) 805-8732

arrow Certificates and Ratings

  • Airline Transport Pilot Certificate (Single and Multi-Engine Land)

  • First Class Medical Certificate (Issued 7/3/2022)

  • Certificated Flight Instructor – ASEL (CFI)

  • Rotorcraft-Helicopter (Private Privileges)

  • FCC Radio Operator’s License



Airplane Multi Engine Land (ATP)

Airplane Single Engine Land (ATP)

Certificated Flight Instructor (ASEL)

(Private Privileges)

arrow Flight Hours

  • 7300 hours total flight time, 800 hours Turbine PIC, 6400 hours multi engine, 780 actual instrument, 6300 cross country, 5900 hours glass cockpit, 670 single engine, 2200 night, 100 simulated instrument, 100 helicopter, 1750 PIC, 1040 instrument approaches

  • Aircraft Flown: EMB-145, EMB-135, CE-500, PA30, C172, PA28, C177RG, PA30, DA40, MO20, 300CB, PA28R, C182, PA44, PA34, R22

  • Simulators: Frasca 242, CAE EMB-145

arrow Work History

July 2021-

Part 135 Charter Pilot / Captain
Silverhawk Aviation, Inc

Aircraft Flown: Citation 500 (Encore/Ultra/V)

  • Prepared all flight plans

  • Ensured safety of flight for all operations assigned to me

June 2007-
Sept 2020

Part 121 Air Carrier - First Officer
ExpressJet Airlines, Inc

Aircraft Flown: EMB-145, EMB-135

  • Perform the First Officer duties to the best of my ability.

  • Assist the Captain in all aspects of aircraft operation.

  • Maintain safety and scheduled operation while gaining valuable flight experience.

  • Based in Newark, NJ and Chicago, IL.

  • Furloughed 9/30/2008 through June 2010, and September 2020


Computer Programmer / CTO
Flow Logix, Inc

  • Developed and managed software projects

  • Consulted for various financial and software companies.

arrow Education

Jan 2001-
Mar 2001

Century Air – Multi Engine Simulator Training Course

July 2006-
Aug 2007

ATP Flight Academy Multi Engine Training and Rating


Music and Arts School for the Gifted - Kyiv, Ukraine

arrow Volunteer

  • Helped build and maintain Nature-based Playgrounds for Children

  • Helped maintain Southern Heights Food Forest

  • Designed software for numerous non-profits

arrow Patents (Granted)

  • Patent # 6,389,448

Load Balancing

  • Patent # 6,598,077

Dynamic Content Routing

  • Patent # 7,443,311

Computer Security Chair Device

arrow References

Furnished upon request.